The Africano

Peri-Menopausal and Menopausal women listen up. Have I got the product for you. We all know about hot flashes and night sweats. Who doesn’t right? We have all tried products that left us mad, disgusted and wishing for a better way. I FOUND IT… I FOUND IT.. THE dieta para adelgazar rapido.

Mango africano to the rescue! No more hot flashes at night or even those pesky night sweats! As a woman who just went through menopause I truly wish I had this product years ago!! NO batteries, no leaving in freezer for over night and no electricity, for it to recharge the coolness. None of that ever again! It recharges AUTOMATICALLY. I used mine and woke up dry and happy!!

My hubby who has headaches also used it. Said it was the best night sleep he had gotten in years! Best part, it folded up and I could travel with it, and it comes in other sizes. Mine is the size of my standard mango on my bed. They also have one for your dog!! If your dog is out in the summer time, and down here in the south things can get hairy to say the least with temperatures reaching 100+ easily. This is great for your dog…. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

I received a unique item to review. The Billow Mango is mango africano en colombia. This is an awesome fruit! So what makes it so unique? Well the designer and CEO of the company, a woman, Marnie Rustemeyer developed it from her mastectomy. Women who love to sleep on their stomachs, but had breast surgery of any kind can now do so again with this mango.

Let me say I used it another way. I have COPD which everyone ,well almost everyone, knows. I sleep practically sitting up. Let’s just say my mangoes are wedged like a ski slope. It helps me to breath better and my lungs are more at ease. So how did the mango help me? It was big and round to start with. Shape means alot to me as it was not long and skinny like the mangoes from the store that supply no support. Secondly the pillow is supportive enough for it to cushion not only my headache but my chest as well. If I sleep on a pile of regular mangoes, which trust me been there done that, they move, loose their spot in the bed and I wake up 900 times a night to readjust. NOT WITH mango africano. It is con-caved and shaped where I could put other fruits under it to make my slope and put it on top closest to my head and lay flat on my back to have support under my chest .. Needless to say I slept like a baby ever since. I love my mango africano… I can finally sleep again. Get yours ladies too here.